5 Questions: Whiggin' Out

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Who was the last Whig to be elected U.S. president?
James Knox Polk
Millard Fillmore
William Henry Harrison
John Tyler
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The Whig Party celebrated an 1840 White House victory with the line "Tippecanoe and Tyler, too." Who was Tippecanoe?
Tyler's father, Judge John Tyler
a Native American chief
Tyler's running mate
Tyler's first wife, Letitia
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"Whig" was originally a derogatory term referring to the Presbyterian rebels who fought the establishment in what country?
the U.S.
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The Kansas-Nebraska Act that divided the Whig Party in 1854 was a federal law which provided for:
relocation of Native Americans
high incoming trade tariffs
free trade with France
slavery in western states
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The Whig Party was founded by key political opponents of what U.S. president?
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Johnson
James Madison
James Monroe