5 Questions: We're Flying

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According to legend, the Flying Dutchman was doomed to sail (against the wind) forever around...
Cape Horn
Cape of Good Hope
Cape Cod
Cape Verde
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The Fly Girls were dancers who regularly appeared on what TV series?
Solid Gold
The Flip Wilson Show
House of Buggin'
In Living Color
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The Venus Flytrap is native to only one U.S. state — name it.
North Carolina
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What was the official name of the WWII-era pilots that were nicknamed the Flying Tigers?
French-Indochina Air Team
American Volunteer Group
Central Aircraft Company
China Air Task Command
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What novel conjectures that any bomber pilot rational enough to plead insanity in order to be grounded must really be sane and therefore fit to fly?
Fahrenheit 451
Butterfield 8
Mila 18