5 Questions: The Quiz That Keeps Coming Back

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What comedian starred in the 1992 motion picture Boomerang?
Eddie Murphy
Chris Rock
Martin Lawrence
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The television network Boomerang is known for what type of programming?
Australian sports
silent movies
classic sitcoms
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Much of the best work of humorist Bill Nye was first published in the Boomerang, the newspaper of what Western city?
Boise, Idaho
Laramie, Wyoming
Reno, Nevada
Ogden, Utah
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The song "Bang-a-Boomerang" appeared on the eponymous third album by what European musical group?
Ace of Base
Golden Earring
The Cardigans
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The late Captain Boomerang was a long-time arch enemy of what DC comic book hero?
Green Lantern
The Flash
Wonder Woman