5 Questions: Quiz to My Lou

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What U.S. president's First Lady was named Lou?
James Monroe
Herbert Hoover
Theodore Roosevelt
Rutherford B. Hayes
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Which of the following was not a professional baseball player?
Lou Holtz
Lou Gehrig
Lou Pinella
Lou Brock
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Lou Diamond Phillips starred as what early rock 'n' roller in the 1987 motion picture La Bamba?
Ritchie Valens
Bill Haley
Elvis Presley
Buddy Holly
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In addition to his duties on CNN, Lou Dobbs also hosts a syndicated radio show that focuses on what subject?
financial news
professional sports
foreign politics
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Sure, he's a big guy, but how tall is bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno, former star of TV's The Incredible Hulk?
5 ft 5 in
5 ft 9 in
6 ft 1 in
6 ft 5 in