5 Questions: Dealmakers

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Which 20th-century U.S. president introduced a recovery plan popularly known as The New Deal?
Woodrow Wilson
John F. Kennedy
Ronald Reagan
Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Which fitness guru introduced the Deal-a-Meal program in the mid-1980s?
Jenny Craig
Richard Simmons
Suzanne Somers
Susan Powter
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Who is the host of TV's Deal or No Deal?
Anne Robinson
Chuck Woolery
Howie Mandell
Regis Philbin
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What former heavyweight boxing champion of the world is known as "The Real Deal"?
Evander Holyfield
Leon Spinks
Buster Douglas
Mike Tyson
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Who famously brought a group of Quakers from Deal, England to America in 1682?
William Penn
Henry Hudson
John Smith
Roger Williams