5 Questions: I'm Only 29!

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What sitcom was the highest-rated TV show in America in 1978?
Laverne & Shirley
Diff'rent Strokes
All in the Family
Three's Company
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What team fell to the Dallas Cowboys in 1978's Super Bowl XII (and would go on to lose three more league championships before winning)?
the Oakland Raiders
the Pittsburgh Steelers
the Denver Broncos
the Buffalo Bills
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Gary Busey starred as what rock legend in an acclaimed 1978 motion picture biography?
Elvis Presley
Jerry Lee Lewis
Roy Orbison
Buddy Holly
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In November 1978, Dan White was charged with the murder of George Moscone, mayor of what California city?
San Diego
Los Angeles
San Francisco
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What Ford car model was first recalled in 1978 after reports indicated that a rear end collision could result in a fire?