5 Questions: Eight Days a Week

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What TV sitcom featured a child named "Wednesday"?
Eight is Enough
The Addams Family
The Munsters
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Monday the Rabbi Took Off is one in a series of the Rabbi Small series by what author?
David Katz
Lilian Jackson Braun
Harry Kemelman
Jonathan Kellerman
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Colloquially speaking, what is a "Saturday Night Special"?
A 24-hour restaurant
A pirate radio station
An inexpensive handgun
A free clinic
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Actress Tuesday Weld appears on the covers of two CDs (Girlfriend and Time Capsule) by what artist?
Matthew Sweet
Tom Cochrane
Duncan Shiek
Eagle Eye Cherry
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In the United States, Black Friday traditionally heralds the start of what "season"?
Deer hunting
Summer reruns
Christmas shopping