5 Questions: Sister Act

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Which one of the following is NOT one of the women's liberal art colleges known as the Seven Sisters?
Bryn Mawr
Mount Holyoke
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What actress is the sister of actor Warren Beatty?
Lauren Bacall
Marsha Mason
Shirley MacLaine
Diane Keaton
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Which member of the pop group Bananarama left the group to form Shakepears Sister?
Sara Dallin
Siobhan Fahey
Annie Lennox
Keren Woodward
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After the WB network's Sister, Sister ended, Tamera Mowry co-starred on what Lifetime series?
The Division
Wild Card
Strong Medicine
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What singer was 32 years old when he found out that the woman he'd been raised to think of as his sister was actually his mother?
Frankie Valli
Paul Anka
Frankie Avalon
Bobby Darin