5 Questions: Feelin' Blue

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What celebrity got her show business start as the Labatt "Blue Zone" girl?
Anna Nicole Smith
Pamela Anderson
Yasmine Bleeth
Paris Hilton
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The Kelley Blue Book is considered to be the definitive refernce for what?
American Kennel Club champions
Malpractice lawsuits
Automobile values
Stock prices
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What is the name of the talking cat that lives next door to Blue on TV's Blue's Clues?
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When someone is described as a "Bluebeard," it means he is notorious for:
Marrying wealthy widows
Never shaving
Murdering his wives
Stealing from his employer
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What actress played Elvis Presley's over-protective mother in the 1961 film Blue Hawaii?
Lucille Ball
Ginger Rogers
Beatrice Arthur
Angela Lansbury