5 Questions: Get Your Rear in Gear

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What actor spied on his neighbors while confined to a wheelchair in the Hitchcock classic Rear Window?
James Stewart
Robert Mitchum
William Holden
Walter Pidgeon
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What U.S. Navy rank was changed to "Rear Admiral - Lower Half" in 1985?
Vice Admiral
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What rear-engine car inspired Ralph Nader's 1965 bestseller Unsafe at Any Speed?
Volkswagen Beetle
Ford Pinto
Chevrolet Corvair
Plymouth Valiant
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What actress' famous WWII bathing suit pin-up photo was shot from the rear because she was several months pregnant at the time?
Ava Gardner
Jane Russell
Rita Hayworth
Betty Grable
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What woman sparked the modern Civil Rights Movement in 1955 when she refused to move to the rear of a Montgomery, Alabama, city bus?
Sojourner Truth
Betty Shabazz
Rosa Parks
Shirley Chisholm