5 Questions: Sour Suite

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Some people add lemon juice to their hair (and then blast it with a blow dryer) in order to:
Remove split ends
Straighten it
Add highlights
Curl it
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What is basketball superstar Meadowlark Lemon's real first name?
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The Lemon Pipers had a psychedelic number one hit in 1968 with a song about what colorful instrument?
"Cherry Red Guitar"
"Green Tambourine"
"Deep Blue Sax"
"Purple Piano"
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So-called "lemon laws" in the United States usually apply to what?
Supermarket produce scales
Citrus fruit
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What Christmas song (sung by Bob Hope and Marilyn Maxwell) was introduced in the 1951 film The Lemon Drop Kid?
"Jingle Bells"
"Carol of the Bells"
"Silver Bells"
"I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day"