5 Questions: Down Pat

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In what Broadway musical does a man named Tobias recite the child's nursery rhyme "pat-a-cake" before killing the title character?
Miss Saigon
The Lion King
Sweeney Todd
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What Saturday Night Live alum created the androgynous character "Pat" (and later starred in the ill-fated 1994 film It's Pat)?
Julia Sweeney
Dana Carvey
Denny Dillon
Charles Rocket
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What is singer Pat Boone's sartorial trademark?
Purple socks
Turtleneck sweater
White shoes
Bolo tie
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Which of the following is NOT a novel by Pat Conroy?
The Lords of Discipline
The Cradle Will Fall
The Prince of Tides
The Water is Wide
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What was former First Lady Pat Nixon's real first name?