5 Questions: Deep Quiz by Jack Handy

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"Hands across the water" was the refrain of what Paul McCartney hit?
"Another Day"
"Listen to What the Man Said"
"Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey"
"My Love"
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What actor declared he could eat 50 hard-boiled eggs in the film Cool Hand Luke?
Paul Newman
Robert Mitchum
Ernest Borgnine
Sidney Poitier
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Which of the following celebrities was NOT an anchor for the New York City portion of the 1986 "Hands Across America" benefit?
Yoko Ono
Liza Minelli
Harry Belafonte
Don Johnson
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The height of which animal is traditionally measured in "hands"?
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What mobster was known to be the right-hand man of notorious gangster Charles "Lucky" Luciano?
Jack "Legs" Diamond
Jake Guzick
Meyer Lansky
Vito Genovese