5 Questions: It's Greek to Me

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What film studio's logo features Pegasus jumping over a pyramid?
TriStar Pictures
Castle Rock Entertainment
Dreamworks SKG
Miramax Films
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Which of the following songs was a number one hit for the band Styx?
"Baby, Baby"
"Baby Love"
"I Got You, Babe"
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Which of the following slogans was used to promote Nike athletic products?
Welcome to the next level.
Jump in.
Just do it.
Now you're playing with power!
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Venus Flytrap was a regular character on what sitcom?
Welcome Back, Kotter
What's Happening!
WKRP in Cincinnati
Bosom Buddies
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Atlas Shrugged, the quintessential philosophical novel, was written by what author?
Franz Kafka
Ayn Rand
Nevil Shute
Herman Hesse