5 Questions: Stormy Weather

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What brand of all-purpose cleaner was advertised as a "white tornado"?
Janitor in a Drum
Formula 409
Mr. Clean
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What controversial boxer's nickname was "Hurricane"?
Max Baer
Gerry Cooney
Jake LaMotta
Rubin Carter
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The "blizzard" is a signature product of what confectionary chain?
Dairy Queen
Ben and Jerry's
Baskin Robbins
Cold Stone Creamery
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"Thunder only happens when it's raining" is the chorus from what U.S. number one hit of 1977?
Don't Leave Me This Way
Sir Duke
You Light Up My Life
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Which sitcom star took a dramatic turn in the 1996 film Twister?
Felicity Huffman
Patricia Heaton
Helen Hunt
Debra Messing