5 Questions: A Matter of Degrees

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Who is the author of the classic science fiction novel Fahrenheit 451?
H.G. Wells
Isaac Asimov
Jules Verne
Ray Bradbury
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What one-named singer had a Top 10 hit in 1967 with "98.6"?
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What actor set up an online charitable foundation called SixDegrees.org, named after a party game that pokes fun at him?
Ben Affleck
Orlando Bloom
Kevin Bacon
Matt Damon
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Kelvin Sampson resigned as head coach of what university after being accused of violating NCAA regulations?
Michigan State
Notre Dame
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The 2004 film Celsius 41.11 is a rebuttal to a documentary made by what director?
Morgan Spurlock
Michael Moore
Albert Maysles
Errol Morris