5 Questions: Feel the Force

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Which of the following comic actors rose to the rank of Colonel in the Royal Air Force before trying his hand at show business?
Peter Sellers
Dudley Moore
Benny Hill
Marty Feldman
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Which member of the Fantastic Four is able to generate an invisible force field?
Reed Richards
Ben Grimm
Johnny Storm
Sue Storm
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What cosmetics company is known to reward top members of their sales force with pink Cadillacs?
Mary Kay
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"Pale Force," a series of short animations featuring a pasty white duo of superheroes, is often featured on what late night show?
Last Call with Carson Daly
Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
The Tonight Show
Late Night with Conan O'Brien
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The 1986 film The Delta Force was loosely based on what real-life event?
Kidnapping of Patricia Hearst
Hijacking of TWA Flight 847
Iranian Hostage Crisis
Hijacking of the Achille Lauro