5 Questions: The Now Generation

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Which U.S. president launched a campaign in 1974 called Whip Inflation Now that quickly became a target of ridicule?
Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan
Gerald Ford
Richard Nixon
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What sitcom introduced the concept of yelling "Serenity now!" at the top of one's lungs as a relaxation technique?
The King of Queens
Arrested Development
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What band's album Duty Now for the Future included a bizarre remake of the Johnny Rivers hit "Secret Agent Man"?
The Clash
Talking Heads
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What profession was shared by the two main characters in the 2007 film I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry?
Police officers
Animal control officers
Fire fighters
Garbage collectors
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What prolific young adult author penned the 1971 novel That Was Then, This Is Now?
S.E. Hinton
Judy Blume
Paul Zindel
Robert Cormier