5 Questions: Picnic Guests

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What kitschy B-movie from 1954 focused on a nuclear accident that created a master race of giant, man-eating ants?
Where Have All The People Gone?
The Beginning of the End
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Who was the leader of a bizarre religious cult in Ontario, Canada, that called themselves The Ant Hill Kids?
Clifford Olson
Roch Thériault
Paul Bernardo
Valery Fabrikant
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What was cartoon superhero Atom Ant's favorite catchphrase?
"Exit, stage left"
"Never fear"
"Up, up and away"
"Up and at 'em"
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What avuncular company has been selling ant farms for over 50 years?
Uncle Milton
Uncle Wiggily
Uncle Sam
Uncle Charlie
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In the early days of his career, Adam Ant used to dress up like what onstage?
A sad clown
A pirate
Robin Hood