5 Questions: Color Me Crimson

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What little girl adopted the puppy that eventually grew up to become Clifford, the Big Red Dog?
Mary Margaret
Sylvie Sue
Emily Elizabeth
Laura Lee
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In soccer (or football, outside North America), what does a red card mean?
Game is halted due to weather
Player is ejected from game
Player has been warned by referee
Player is injured
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Anna Sage, also known as the Lady in Red, betrayed what notorious gangster to the authorities?
John Dillinger
Al Capone
Alvin Karpis
Benjamin Siegel
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What band hit number one in the U.S. with a reggae-flavored version of Neil Diamond's "Red, Red Wine"?
Black Uhuru
Pere Ubu
Inner Circle
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What actor parted the Red Sea in the 1956 film The Ten Commandments?
Peter Ustinov
Charlton Heston
Paul Newman
Kirk Douglas