5 Questions: Oh So European

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What noted statesman once expressed a preference for the turkey instead of the bald eagle as the national bird of the U.S.?
Benjamin Franklin
Patrick Henry
John Hancock
Thomas Paine
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The songwriting team of Holland-Dozier-Holland wrote many of what record label's earliest hits?
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Charles Spain Verral created what mystery-solving character made famous in a series of young adult books?
Trixie Belden
Danny Dunn
Judy Bolton
Brains Benton
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Who portrayed Sean Connery's love interest, Katya Orlova, in the 1990 film The Russia House?
Nicole Kidman
Glenn Close
Michelle Pfeiffer
Uma Thurman
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The late Jill Ireland was married to what "tough guy" actor for 22 years?
Charles Bronson
James Coburn
Clint Eastwood
Lee Marvin