5 Questions: Just Another Quiz

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Who portrayed a hard-bitten junkie/thief named Mel in the 1997 film Another Day in Paradise?
John Travolta
Lawrence Fishburne
Ice Cube
James Woods
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"Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)" was the only number one pop hit in the U.S. for what legendary band?
Black Sabbath
Pink Floyd
King Crimson
Deep Purple
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What Broadway musical featured Cole Porter's "Another Opening, Another Show"?
Kiss Me, Kate
Anything Goes
DuBarry Was a Lady
Broadway Melody of 1940
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In what town was the long-running soap Another World set?
Bay City
Port Charles
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If you're looking for another way to phrase something (for example, to find a tactful way to say "kicked the bucket"), what reference book might you consult?