5 Questions: One of the Guys

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In what New England state does the Griffin family reside on TV's The Family Guy?
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
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England celebrates Guy Fawkes Day on what date?
September 24
November 5
December 26
July 4
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What singer became the first female Motown artist to hit number one when she released "My Guy" in 1964?
Martha Reeves
Aretha Franklin
Diana Ross
Mary Wells
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Which of the following was the world's tallest structure until it collapsed in 1991 when the guy wires were being replaced?
Warsaw Radio Mast
Seattle Space Needle
The Petronius Platform
The BREN Tower
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Jasmine Guy portrayed the wealthy and snobbish Whitley Gilbert on what sitcom?
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper
A Different World
Living Single