5 Questions: Just Park It Here

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What was the title of Linkin Park's multi-million selling debut album (which was also the band's original name)?
Hybrid Theory
Jar of Flies
Significant Other
Neidermeyer's Mind
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Actress Park Overall portrayed a sassy Southern nurse named Laverne on what sitcom?
Empty Nest
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What actor starred in both the Broadway and the film versions of Barefoot in the Park?
Warren Beatty
Robert Redford
James Caan
Ryan O'Neal
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In the Canadian version of the board game Monopoly, what is the name of the property known to Americans as Park Place?
Granville Street
MacLeod Trail
Portage and Main
Yonge Street
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Fenway Park is home to what Major League Baseball team?
Pittsburgh Pirates
St. Louis Cardinals
Boston Red Sox
Cleveland Indians