5 Questions: What were you eating under there?

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What film featured the classic scene of Tom Cruise dancing in his tighty whities to Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll"?
Risky Business
Losin' It
All the Right Moves
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Eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes designed and patented a special underwire brassiere with what actress in mind?
Jane Russell
Marilyn Monroe
Betty Grable
Lana Turner
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Folks used to proclaim "I feel good all under" to total strangers in a series of TV commercials for what brand of underwear?
Fruit of the Loom
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What Major League Baseball pitcher raised eyebrows when he posed for a beefcake poster to promote Jockey underwear?
Jim Palmer
Catfish Hunter
Bruce Sutter
Nolan Ryan
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Long johns were reportedly named for what early 20th century professional boxer?
John Tate
John Henry Lewis
John Fields
John L. Sullivan