5 Questions: Married...with Trivia

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In the Peanuts comic strip, what does Marcie always call Peppermint Patty?
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What color is mentioned in the lyrics of Steely Dan's hit single "Peg"?
Charcoal grey
Blueprint blue
Blood red
Greenish green
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Which U.S. president had a sign on his desk that stated "The buck stops here"?
Harry S Truman
Woodrow Wilson
Grover Cleveland
Calvin Coolidge
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What book by Ann Rule was a biogrpahy of serial killer Ted Bundy?
And Never Let Her Go
Small Sacrifices
The Stranger Beside Me
Dead by Sunset
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What was the real name of the actor known as Larry "Bud" Melman (of Late Night with David Letterman fame)?
Calvert DeForest
Seymour Maslo-Freen
Florian Armstrong
Calvin Broadus