5 Questions: Happy Thanksgiving!

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In what deliciously bad film did Jennifer Lopez utter the immortal words "It's turkey time, gobble gobble"?
Maid in Manhattan
Angel Eyes
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John Lennon can be heard saying "cranberry sauce" during the coda of which Beatles' song?
I Am the Walrus
A Day in the Life
Tomorrow Never Knows
Strawberry Fields Forever
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Wavy Gravy was in charge of security for what "event"?
Human Be-In
Altamont Free Concert
Monterey Pop Festival
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"I yam what I yam" was the credo of what cartoon character?
Mighty Mouse
Crusader Rabbit
Foghorn Leghorn
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In the "Nurse Doctor" episode of TV's M*A*S*H, which character was upset because said nurse "hugged the stuffing out of me!"?
Father Mulcahy
Col. Potter