5 Questions: Well, Well, Well

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Who starred in the so-called "mainstream" X-rated film Deep Throat?
Georgina Spelvin
Linda Lovelace
Traci Lords
Marilyn Chambers
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Which Saturday Night Live writer was responsible for the occasional "Deep Thoughts" segment?
Al Franken
Tom Schiller
Herb Sargent
Jack Handey
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What actress made wet T-shirts a fashion fetish after her appearance in the 1977 film The Deep?
Jamie Lee Curtis
Karen Black
Jacqueline Bisset
Adrienne Barbeau
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Which U.S. city is considered to be the home of the deep dish pizza?
San Francisco
St. Louis
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What avant garde-artist is mentioned in the lyrics of Deep Purple's hit single "Smoke on the Water"?
Frank Zappa
Captain Beefheart
Yoko Ono
Brian Eno