5 Questions: Quit Yer Wine-ing

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On TV's Sanford and Son, what brand of wine was Fred Sanford's preferred libation?
Boone's Farm
Annie Greensprings
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Cold duck is a mixture of champagne (or sparkling wine) and what other ingredient?
Grape juice
Cranberry Juice
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What songwriter composed "Red, Red Wine," which UB 40 took to number one in the UK in 1983?
Neil Sedaka
Neil Diamond
Don Kirshner
Burt Bacharach
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Who portrayed the up-and-coming public relations executive who eventually succumbed to alcoholism in the 1962 film Days of Wine and Roses?
Gregory Peck
Burt Lancaster
Trevor Howard
Jack Lemmon
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In finer restaurants, who is the person who assists diners in selecting an appropriate wine?
Sous chef
Maître d'hôtel