5 Questions: Inauguration Day

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Who traditionally holds the Bible when the incoming President takes the oath of office?
His spouse
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Outgoing President
Archbishop of the Diocese of Washington, D.C.
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What incoming president was the first to break tradition and wear a gray business suit to his inauguration, rather than the traditional cutaway morning coat?
John F. Kennedy
Jimmy Carter
Gerald Ford
Lyndon Johnson
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Which president's elaborate inaugural parade included elephants?
Woodrow Wilson
Millard Fillmore
Dwight Eisenhower
Thomas Jefferson
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Which multi-term president was sworn in on both the warmest and coldest days on record in the Washington, D.C., area?
Ronald Reagan
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Bill Clinton
Ulysses S. Grant
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Whose very spare inaugural dinner menu prompted toastmaster George Jessel to ask "How is it humanly possible to make chicken salad with so much celery and so little chicken?"
Calvin Coolidge
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Herbert Hoover
Harry S Truman