5 Questions: Chirpy Chirpy Cheap Cheap

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Who is the folksy spokesperson for the discount lodging chain known as Motel 6?
Martin Mull
Garrison Keillor
Paul Harvey, Jr.
Tom Bodett
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What popular "no frills" airline went belly-up in 1987?
Pro Air
People Express
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Which of the following comedians was known for his frugality?
Jack Benny
George Burns
Henny Youngman
Bob Hope
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What British Invasion band's 1979 album Low Budget was their biggest-selling release since their 1966 Greatest Hits compilation?
The Dave Clark Five
The Kinks
Herman's Hermits
The Searchers
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Who played gumshoe Lou Peckinpaugh in Neil Simon's 1978 private eye parody The Cheap Detective?
Ernest Borgnine
Peter Falk
Dean Martin
David Niven