5 Questions: Not Dead

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What organization started a national safety campaign in 1968 which they promoted with yellow bumper stickers pleading "Bring 'Em Back Alive"?
Red Cross
United Way
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Why was Hasbro's original Baby Alive doll recalled in 1973?
Chewing mechanism pulled childrens' hair.
Children were accidentally stabbing themselves on tiny diaper pins.
Synthetic "baby food" included with each doll was toxic.
Bacteria formed in its tummy and made children ill.
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Frampton Comes Alive is the second-biggest selling live album in history; which artist's live album is in first place?
Bob Seger
Garth Brooks
Neil Diamond
Donna Summer
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Staying Alive was the deliciously bad sequel to what blockbuster film?
Saturday Night Fever
Urban Cowboy
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Which DC Comics character was purported to be "The Fastest Man Alive"?
The Atom
Green Arrow
The Flash
Green Lantern