5 Questions: It's Good for Absolutely Nothing

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What one-named artist hit number one on the Billboard Pop Chart with his version of the Star Wars theme?
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Which infamous killer explained away his crimes as an attempt to start a race war?
Richard Speck
Wayne Williams
Charles Manson
John Wayne Gacy
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Which of the following films featured a War Room staffed by actor George C. Scott?
Dr. No
Dr. Strangelove
Dr. Detroit
Dr. Zhivago
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Which First Lady's suggested line of defense in the so-called war on drugs was to "just say 'no'"?
Hillary Clinton
Laura Bush
Nancy Reagan
Barbara Bush
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What author wrote the novel The War of the Worlds which inspired Orson Welles' famous radio broadcast in 1938?
Edgar Allan Poe
Franz Kafka
Jules Verne
H.G. Wells