5 Questions: I'm Right Behind You

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Dallas actress Charlene Tilton was once married to what country singer?
Ricky Skaggs
Johnny Lee
Clint Black
Glenn Campbell
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In which Vietnam-era film did a soldier shoot himself with the rifle he'd named "Charlene"?
Casualties of War
Full Metal Jacket
Hamburger Hill
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What was Charlene Stillfield's husband's profession on the sitcom Designing Women?
Air Force pilot
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What syrupy single did Charlene take to the Top 5 in the U.S. in 1982?
Torn Between Two Lovers
You Light Up My Life
Muskrat Love
I've Never Been to Me
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Humorist Charlene Ann Baumbich is the author of which popular book series?
Dearest Dorothy
The Baby-Sitters Club
The Rabbi's Wife
Write Your Own Mystery