5 Questions: Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?

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Which superhero was the focus of the 2008 film The Dark Knight?
Iron Man
The Incredible Hulk
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What optical device is featured on the cover of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album?
Magnifying glass
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What singer hit number one on the pop charts in 1974 with "Dark Lady"?
Helen Reddy
Linda Ronstadt
Carly Simon
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What U.S. Army general wrote a poem based on a biblical verse called "Through a Glass, Darkly"?
John Pershing
Dwight Eisenhower
George Patton
Omar Bradley
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What actress portrayed a blind woman being terrorized by thugs trying to reclaim a heroin-stuffed doll in the 1967 thriller Wait Until Dark?
Joanne Woodward
Sondra Locke
Audrey Hepburn
Patricia Neal