5 Questions: Back Talk

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Which Saturday Night Live cast member hosted a regular skit called "Coffee Talk"?
Eddie Murphy
Mike Myers
Dana Carvey
Phil Hartman
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What Rodgers and Hammerstein musical featured "Happy Talk," a song accompanied by expressive hand gestures?
South Pacific
The King and I
State Fair
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What girl group released an album called Talk Show in 1984?
The Bangles
The Runaways
The Go-Gos
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Who failed an audition to become an MTV VJ but subsequently landed a job as the first host of E!'s Talk Soup?
Aisha Tyler
Hal Sparks
Greg Kinnear
John Henson
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Complete this childhood taunt: "Baby talk, baby talk, it's a wonder…"
You can walk
You eat chalk
You stain your smock
You sound like a cuckoo clock