5 Questions: Almost the Holiday Weekend...

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Carly Simon's hit "Anticipation" was once used to promote the thickness of what product?
Mrs. Butterworth Syrup
Heinz Ketchup
Murphy Oil Soap
Jell-o Pudding
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Who portrayed a Las Vegas drifter obsessed with Silver Surfer comic books in the 1983 film Breathless?
Pierce Brosnan
Daniel Day-Lewis
William Hurt
Richard Gere
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Which of the following prescription drugs is advertised as an aid for Restless Leg Syndrome?
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When Nu Shooz hit the Top 5 in 1986 with "I Can't Wait," what other artist had a song in the Top 40 with the same title?
Stevie Nicks
Vanessa Williams
Hilary Duff
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Who was the original host of the long-running syndicated countdown radio show American Top 40?
Scott Muni
Bruce Morrow
Casey Kasem
Wolfman Jack