5 Questions: Whoops!

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Which Saturday Night Live character regularly expounded on some topic, only to utter "Never mind!" when she found out she'd misunderstood the subject?
Candy Slice
Judy Miller
Roseanne Roseannadanna
Emily Litella
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With whom did Marvin Gaye duet on his 1974 Top 20 hit "My Mistake (Was to Love You)"?
Diana Ross
Tammi Terrell
Syreeta Wright
Aretha Franklin
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Which three-digit number is associated with a "page not found" error message on the World Wide Web?
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Billy Shindle holds the Major League Baseball record for most errors in one season; what position did he play when he set this record?
Left Field
First Base
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In what film was Jeff Bridges' character mistaken for a millionaire with the same surname?
The Mirror Has Two Faces
The Fisher King
The Big Lebowski
The Fabulous Baker Boys