5 Questions: Tanner TV

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The role of D.J. Tanner on Full House was portrayed by Candace Cameron, who is now married to (and has 3 kids with) Valeri Bure, an athlete known for what professional sport?
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The role of Inspector Bill Tanner on The Streets of San Francisco was portrayed by Reuben Collins. What star of that show passed away only a few days ago (on July 1, 2009)?
Walter Matthau
Richard Herd
Tony Curtis
Karl Malden
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The role of Willie Tanner on ALF was portrayed by Max Wright. What name did ALF go by on his home planet of Melmac?
Steve Cypress
Gordon Shumway
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The title role on TV's Lucas Tanner was portrayed by David Hartman. What morning news show did Hartman join after leaving this role?
CBS Morning
The Today Show
Fox and Friends
Good Morning, America
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The role of Jason Tanner on Falcon Beach was portrayed by Steve Byers. Byers was born - and Falcon Beach was set - in which country?
New Zealand