5 Questions: Funny Business

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Who led the house band, the Mirthmakers, on TV's Fernwood 2Night?
Smiley Burnette
Giggles O'Shea
Happy Kyne
Slappy White
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Which is NOT a flavor contained in a standard package of Chuckles candy?
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What group had a Top 20 hit in 1965 with "Laugh, Laugh"?
Jay and the Americans
The Beau Brummels
Gary Lewis and the Playboys
The Beach Boys
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Which Lewis Carroll character was known for its enormous grin?
Cheshire Cat
Mock Turtle
Frog Footman
March Hare
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What entertainer often quipped about his flamboyant image that he "laughed all the way to the bank"?
Little Richard
Elton John