5 Questions: Get on the Bus, Gus

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What singer suffered a fractured spin when a semi truck crashed into her tour bus in 1990?
Bonnie Raitt
Natalie Cole
Bonnie Tyler
Gloria Estefan
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With whom did Marilyn Monroe's character fall in love in the 1956 film Bus Stop?
A cowboy
A sailor
A bus driver
A sign painter
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Which of the following has been the slogan of the Greyhound Bus Company since 1956?
Go grey all the way.
Put Greyhound in the driver's seat.
Leave the driving to us.
You're in good hands.
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What U.S. city was the site of a year-long bus boycott beginning in 1955?
Little Rock
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What was the slightly-misspelled name of the bus that Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters drove across the country in 1964?