5 Questions: McQuestions, MacQuestions

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What is the name of Ronald McDonald's dog?
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Who sang "Indian Love Call" with Jeannette MacDonald in the film Rose Marie?
Nelson Eddy
Maurice Chevalier
Ramon Navarro
Howard Keel
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What actor did Norm MacDonald regularly impersonate in "Celebrity Jeopardy" skits on Saturday Night Live?
Burt Reynolds
John Travolta
Nicolas Cage
Sean Connery
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What song by the Doobie Brothers, featuring Michael McDonald on lead vocals, went to number one on the Billboard pop chart in the U.S.?
Takin' It to the Streets
China Grove
What a Fool Believes
Listen to the Music
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Country Joe McDonald was the lead singer for what psychedelic band?
The Band
The Fish
The Doors
The Great Society