5 Questions: Touch-ing Music

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Which lingerie-clad character sang "Touch-a Touch-a Me" in the Rocky Horror Picture Show?
Dr. Scott
Frank N Furter
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The last four notes ("Stronger than dirt")of the Doors' "Touch Me" are the same as the jingle used for which cleaning product?
Top Job
Formula 409
Janitor in a Drum
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What 90s pop group was originally named "Touch" by their first manager?
Wilson Phillips
PM Dawn
Spice Girls
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What company urged us to "reach out and touch someone" in the 1980s?
Western Union
Federal Express
Hallmark Cards
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What female vocalist had a number one hit in 1973 with "Touch Me in the Morning"?
Diana Ross
Aretha Franklin
Roberta Flack
Dionne Warwick