5 Questions: One Hundred Hairs Make a Man

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Who was the last U.S. president to sport a moustache while in office?
Grover Cleveland
Chester Arthur
James Polk
William Taft
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Who was the guest star on the final episode of The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, entitled "Lucy Meets the Moustache"?
Ernie Kovacs
Cesar Romero
Fernando Lamas
Rudy Vallee
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What Olympic swimmer claimed his famous moustache gave him an aerodynamic advantage in the water?
Pablo Morales
Mark Spitz
John Naber
Rowdy Gaines
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Which of the following men was NOT known for wearing a pencil moustache?
John Waters
Vincent Price
Errol Flynn
Salvador Dali
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What Big Band leader was on the Hit Parade in 1945 with "Your Father's Moustache"?
Harry James
Kay Kyser
Woody Herman
Les Brown