5 Questions: I Do the Rock

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Heavyweight boxer Jerry Quarry was known by what nickname?
Boom Boom
The Bellflower Bomber
The Bayonne Bleeder
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What country singer teamed up with John Wayne to find a killer in the 1969 film True Grit?
Willie Nelson
Mac Davis
Waylon Jennings
Glen Campbell
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Gravel-voiced singer Bonnie Tyler topped the UK and US pop charts in 1983 with what single?
Heart Like a Wheel
Harden My Heart
Total Eclipse of the Heart
It's a Heartache
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Cartoon baby Pebbles Flintstone was once the mascot for which beverage?
Welch's Grape Juice
Mott's Apple Juice
Minute Maid Orange Juice
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The Blarney Stone is located in a castle near which Irish city?