5 Questions: Key Grip

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Key Club International, a program for high school students, is a part of which service organization?
American Legion
Knights of Columbus
Salvation Army
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Who was the sales professional who slowly lost his grip on reality in the Arthur Miller play Death of a Salesman?
Travis Bickle
Peter Venkman
Willy Loman
Tyler Durden
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Detroit mayor Coleman Young once gave a key to the city to which controversial figure?
Manuel Noriega
Saddam Hussein
Idi Amin
“Baby Doc” Duvalier
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Which line of action figures included a version wity a "kung fu grip"?
G.I. Joe
Stretch Armstrong
Mr. Potato Head
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On what number one single by Stevie Wonder can bassist Larry Moses be heard asking "What key? What key?"
Sir Duke
I Wish
Fingertips Part 2