5 Questions: Keep It Down!

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Symptoms of which condition include hearing a constant ringing or "whooshing" noise in one or both ears?
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What group's second album was entitled Queens of Noise?
The Runaways
The Plasmatics
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Which of the following musicians does NOT suffer from noise-induced hearing loss?
Pete Townshend
Ted Nugent
Mick Fleetwood
Frankie Valli
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Which Shakespearean-trained actor's final film role was in 1992's Noises Off?
John Gielgud
Michael Redgrave
Denholm Elliott
Laurence Olivier
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Who is the author of the Mr. Men children's book series, which includes a volume entitled Mr. Noisy?
Julia Donaldson
Satoshi Kitamura
Roger Hargreaves
Oliver Goldsmith