5 Questions: Tate of Mind

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What type of firm was McMahon and Tate, Darrin Stephens' employer on TV's Bewitched?
Real estate
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Actress Sharon Tate was married to what film director at the time of her tragic death in 1969?
Paul Mazursky
John Derek
Roman Polanski
Peter Bogdanovich
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Who shared lead vocals with Michael Jackson on the Jacksons' 1984 hit single "State of Shock"?
Phil Collins
Mick Jagger
Paul McCartney
David Bowie
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The vehicle that is referred to as an "estate car" in the UK is called what in the US?
Pickup truck
Station wagon
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Larenz Tate made his big screen debut as a trigger-happy teenager in what 1993 film?
New Jack City
Menace II Society
Boyz N The Hood