5 Questions: Five'll Get Ya Kate

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Kate Middleton is currently rumored to be "almost engaged" to which member of Britain's royal family?
Prince Harry
Viscount Linley
Prince William
Peter Phillips
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The Broadway musical Kiss Me, Kate was based on what William Shakespeare play?
Romeo & Juliet
The Tempest
The Taming of the Shrew
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Actress Kate Hudson is the daughter of which Laugh-In TV regular?
Goldie Hawn
Ruth Buzzi
JoAnne Worley
Judy Carne
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Which of the following classic novels is also the title of an album by Kate Bush?
Vanity Fair
Wuthering Heights
Washington Square
Pride & Prejudice
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What patriotic song was the signature tune of Kate Smith?
America, the Beautiful
The Stars and Stripes Forever
God Bless America
This Land Is Your Land