5 Questions: Turn the Page

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Which of the following celebrities was a guest on the final episode of the long-running (38 years) Canadian game show Front Page Challenge?
Alex Trebek
Michael J. Fox
Shania Twain
Wayne Gretzky
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Ellen Page was nominated for an Academy Award for her work in what coming-of-age film?
Heavenly Creatures
What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Summer Solstice
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Guitarist Jimmy Page was a member of what group (1966-68) prior to forming Led Zeppelin?
The Animals
The Yardbirds
Blind Faith
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The George C. Page Museum is located at what tourist attraction?
Niagara Falls
Old Faithful Geyser
Mount Rushmore
La Brea Tar Pits
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What was the first name of the bellhop who paged "Call for Phillip Morris!" in a long-running series of TV commercials?